Friday, November forever

I like waking up in a warm bed in the winter. Peeking out the window, I know its heavy coat weather out there, and I instantly want coffee and music playing while I linger a little longer than usual here. I slept well, though the thermostat was a little too high.

I should be sore from the gym last night but I’m not. Maybe I’m not working out hard enough, but I do believe I’m pushing. It was Sarah’s 31st birthday, an over-achieving friend and figure competitor. I haven’t worked out with her in over a year and she came to hang out last night with me. She super lean right now, as she’s preparing for a competition in Miami next week. I’m impressed with not only her ambition, but her positivity. Both combined traits are rare in my life. Maybe I ought to remedy that.

I had a few days off from tattooing this week. My head feels jumbled and unfocused. I’m lacking direction and aimless. There are just so many things I want to do that nothing’s getting done. My addiction to productivity has subsided with each passing day. I’m taking a siesta for a while to redefine what success and happiness means for me. I’m visualizing, and boiling it down. I have no idea what’s going to come of it nor do I want to have any expectations. I only want to enjoy this warm bed, right now. And my coffee.

In case

I woke up today and went straight to social media on my phone while I laid in bed, ignoring the time, or breakfast, and everything else. I perused the election results, pretending to understand what it all means. I spent about 45 minutes or so on social media, but time flies whenever I do. It doesn’t help my mornings, it doesn’t help my brain, mostly ever.
I realized that I miss writing. To date, I’ve burned about a dozen of my journals. Through the years, I’ve written only a handful of pages in a book then set it aside and write in another, accumulating quite a collection of mostly blank books that felt too tainted to revisit. I burned them because it just felt good to release all that thought into the ether, eliminating that lingering useless record.

I thought really? Really am I going to start yet another book of banter? So upon updating this website, I realized it’s not likely anyone ever reaches this section so I may as well drop it all off here. I want to write more often, about anything. I’m feeling a little lost right now and I need to course correct. I’m all over the place and not meeting my goals, nor aiming high enough and I’m bored of the same old excuses i make to avoid the real shit. Here goes…..

We're a Little Bit Trashy

We're a Little Bit Trashy

 Pests, vermin, trash animals--from one angle, they are abrasive nuisances. From another, they are cute and charming. The good always comes with the bad. Family is very much the same. It can look imperfect from an outside perspective but the weird rough edges of any family dynamic is what really makes it special. Jen Wrubleski celebrates the beautiful, sometimes awkward nuances of family by reinterpreting old snapshots as acrylic illustrations of trash animals on handmade paper.  This show will be up March 3rd - March 31st The opening reception is March 3rd 6pm - 10pm  Spiritus Tattoo 3127 N High St Cols, OH 43202

Pests, vermin, trash animals--from one angle, they are abrasive nuisances. From another, they are cute and charming. The good always comes with the bad. Family is very much the same. It can look imperfect from an outside perspective but the weird rough edges of any family dynamic is what really makes it special. Jen Wrubleski celebrates the beautiful, sometimes awkward nuances of family by reinterpreting old snapshots as acrylic illustrations of trash animals on handmade paper.

This show will be up March 3rd - March 31st
The opening reception is March 3rd 6pm - 10pm

Spiritus Tattoo
3127 N High St
Cols, OH 43202


Tornado Dreams was a dream come true, and I am so happy its over too! What a project that was! Now that my life back to a few things going at once instead like 10, I have managed to begin another project and envision future endeavors. The flash project is about to roll out in its first newsletter tomorrow am, and will consist of tattooable designs that can be done multiple times in a lot of cases. I will offer one sheet of these pieces every week, offering them up on a first-come, frost-serve basis. Get on board. 

Check out the webshop, I have products! Books, Tees, prints, and fine art! 

Travels are happening! I've been fortunate this year to work in a lot creative mediums, guest spot at Classic Tattoo in Austin, and soon I will be working in Berlin, Germany and Portland, OR. Keep an eye on the news here for that update.

Happy holidays!


Good lord, I thought I wrote about this here but apparently not!

So, I just returned from Sweden and Germany, where I did some installation work on an ISLAND near Stockholm, called Ideas Island. This project was such a incredible opportunity, and I couldne be happier with the result. I built a nest, a brought in a bird, and together we made art come to life. The nest will remain on Ideas Island and I'm hoping to return next year to tidy it up and build another piece there. 

The concept:

The concept was born of my stream of consciousness project, an illustrative design process that conjures itself from my current experience, emotionally, socially, and contemplatively. Over the last 3 years, they were born out some tough realizations that ultimately thrust me forward, ensuring growth and release. Eventually I shared the work, and to my surprise, they had a captive audience. Since I am a tattoo artist as well as a mixed fine artist, I was asked to tattoo these works. I had to figure a way in justifying the process of having others wear my (most often inspired by) emotional pain. The potential recipients would write a short essay about their connection with a particular piece, and I would grant it as a tattoo only once, to a recipient that seemed to redeem the work in its reception, through their translation, thus transforming them into a positive. This is the beauty of interpretative works. 
After a few years, the drawings became less, a testament to my personal progress I feel. 

This leads me to Ideas Island. 

While a book of my stream of consciousness pieces is being published at home, a new concept was born there. To bring some of the themes to life! I brought in a friend from Berlin to model for me, as one of the "bird beaked" figures, liberated. 
Now I will pursue opportunities that allow me to build and produce a body of work that transcends flesh and paper, and demonstrates a deeper connection to waking life.

Model: Mascha Lagnia
Installation and photo by yours truly. 

More to come on this project!




Tornado Dreams:
a multi series exhibit of works by Katharine M Dearwester
Saturday, September 2nd, 2017
Spiritus Tattoo Studio
3127 N High Street
Columbus, OH 43202

This exhibit is made of 5 different series-related mixed media works, pertaining to the (ongoing) Stream of Consciousness (illustrations),
Little Loners series (illustrations), HELL IS REAL mixed media series, raw materials installation, and homage to 21 years as a professional tattoo artist.

There are 2 books in the works for the illustrative work, which will be made available, along with limited edition prints.
Keep an eye out for presale of books and contests.
A Facebook event page has been set up for current news about the show, you can find that HERE.

Hope to see you there! 


Femme flash!

The Femme Flash project is a one-page thematic sheet of available tattoo designs inspired by feminism. Partial proceeds from each tattooed piece will go toward an organization specific to women's issues of the recipients choosing. These will be noted on social media to bring awareness to a cause, the organizations, and to the individuals that support them. 
These are flash pieces, which means they'll be tattooed more than once. The idea here is to generate funds for charitable organizations, so this will be an ongoing project, no time limit. 
When you email, be sure to state which piece (or pieces), and the organization you wish to donate partial proceeds to.  These will make great gifts too ;)

I've created a few designs that might need a little translating.
Top left: this is a combination of shapes commonly used to describe female body types, as one. i.e.: oval, square, hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle
Inverted teardrop shape just below it: plain and simple, a clitoris.
Wrench: I'd love for this idea to catch on, be "a wrench in the works" of the system!
Chevron: Sacred feminine symbol, with a drop of blood.  

I don't think the others need explaining but please ask away if you are unclear. 


Change'll do ya good

          Since opening my book up for 2017 a couple of weeks ago, I'm nearly about too close them again, booking further out than I usually like to go. I have 10 available days to book before I announce that I'll be closing them for the time being. So if you're looking to get in, now is the time to contact me. Please be aware that I'm strictly filtering concepts, only taking on projects I'm particularly excited about, and to be honest, that's as ever-changing as anything, I just feel it out in the emails.  

          There are about to be big changes at the Spiritus studio. Mike Moses, co-owner and friend, will be moving on to his own business venture @cauldron_tattoo, and to remain in Columbus. I'll be revising my own business concept for the Spiritus space and all will be announced in the next few months. I have been tattooing for 20 years now, and by now, I'm certain that I thrive in a private studio setting. For some time, I've had the desire to be of better service to my community, so this the direction I'm looking to go. Spiritus is about to turn 4 years old, it's been a good run, and a great springboard for Mike and I. I'm excited to see how we both develop, and I am grateful for the experience of Spiritus. Onward, upward, outward, forever. 

          I've just set up a new IG for my streams, other drawings, announcements, and everything in brief. Check out @muscagallery for those, soon to be posted, originals. By now, almost all will be unavailable, but perhaps inspiring and it'll be a great way to follow the series. I will be posting teasers there as well for upcoming available pieces. It'll remain a private profile, and I'll be expecting, hoping, for engagement. Blind following with a lack of engagement is just kind of lame, isn't it? 

          Thanks for visiting, for your support, and Happy New Year. 

Being Time ~ The PM Cuckoo at The Inn at Honey Run, Millersburg, Ohio


Over the course of 6 months from late spring to early fall, 2016, I created a permanent outdoor installation on the grounds of the Open Air Art Museum in Holmes County, Ohio.

This piece was unveiled on October 6th, 2016. A most beautiful day and wonderful turnout of support, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I have the attendees to thank, Jordan Calame of curatorial expertise, Jason Nies of the Inn at Honey Run, and the Corron team of documentarians. Soon I will have footage of the exhibit, but here's a nice snapshot of the opening night. The woods were illuminated, the sound of inner clockwork rang through the woods to create an all sensory experience, and Being Time was lit up for the first time for all guests to view.

It was an incredible experience top say the least. 



My book is closed to all custom work for 2016. I will announce in early December for openings in early 2017. Until then, I will dedicate my time to stream of consciousness drawings (which I will offer as tattoos), other art projects, and travels. Thank you for your support. 

Being Time, an installation for The Inn at Honey Run and their Open Air Art Museum

Earlier this year, I was commissioned to create an installation for The Inn at Honey Run for their Open Air Art Museum in Holmes County, Millersburg, Ohio. I had the privilege of staying at the Inn 6 days a month since April to work on this project, and to explore the area as I gathered inspiration for it. It's been transformative, in too many ways to list, and soon this project draws to a close as October 1st is the deadline for this piece. 

This brings me to the official opening. I have titled this piece "Being Time", as it's the latter half of the day, the PM hours, and the end cap of the trail at the Inn at Honey Run and their Open Air Art Museum. You will walk through the timepiece, as you ARE time. 

Please join us for an evening of German cuisine made especially for this event by the head chef at the Inn, an unveiling of the work, chock full of great symbolism, and drinks afterward. You may book for dinner tickets and/or accommodations HERE


Project Jericho

During the first week go June, I will be doing work with individuals at the Springfield Juvenile Detention Center. I have enlisted the help of 5 local artists, illustrators, and tattooers to join me each day while we draw with those currently housed at the facility on Converse All-Stars to design a unique pair of shoes that will commemorate their time and progress in the program. This project is created by the facility art coordinator of SJDC. I will be sharing progress that week here, blogging about it, and photographing some of the shoes as we make these pieces with them. This will be great experience to do create work with them. 

Installation 2016

I've been commissioned to create a permanent installation project at the Inn at Honey Run in Millersburg, OH as a contribution to the Holmes County Open Air Museum. 

This project will be a 6 month construction to be completed by October 1st, 2016.
In short, the installation will be a cuckoo clock construction to serve as an end-cap made from organic materials found on the grounds of the Inn at Honey Run. I will be sharing progress here as I go along, and will be enlisting the help of a variety of artists throughout the course of the project to serve as an additional contribution to the creative variety and quality of the work. 

All are welcome at the open air museum, so feel free to walk the grounds, view progress and process as I go along. There are many local attractions and its a beautiful drive, just 2 hours northeast of Columbus, OH.