Femme flash!

The Femme Flash project is a one-page thematic sheet of available tattoo designs inspired by feminism. Partial proceeds from each tattooed piece will go toward an organization specific to women's issues of the recipients choosing. These will be noted on social media to bring awareness to a cause, the organizations, and to the individuals that support them. 
These are flash pieces, which means they'll be tattooed more than once. The idea here is to generate funds for charitable organizations, so this will be an ongoing project, no time limit. 
When you email, be sure to state which piece (or pieces), and the organization you wish to donate partial proceeds to.  These will make great gifts too ;)

I've created a few designs that might need a little translating.
Top left: this is a combination of shapes commonly used to describe female body types, as one. i.e.: oval, square, hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle
Inverted teardrop shape just below it: plain and simple, a clitoris.
Wrench: I'd love for this idea to catch on, be "a wrench in the works" of the system!
Chevron: Sacred feminine symbol, with a drop of blood.  

I don't think the others need explaining but please ask away if you are unclear.