Tornado Dreams was a dream come true, and I am so happy its over too! What a project that was! Now that my life back to a few things going at once instead like 10, I have managed to begin another project and envision future endeavors. The flash project is about to roll out in its first newsletter tomorrow am, and will consist of tattooable designs that can be done multiple times in a lot of cases. I will offer one sheet of these pieces every week, offering them up on a first-come, frost-serve basis. Get on board. 

Check out the webshop, I have products! Books, Tees, prints, and fine art! 

Travels are happening! I've been fortunate this year to work in a lot creative mediums, guest spot at Classic Tattoo in Austin, and soon I will be working in Berlin, Germany and Portland, OR. Keep an eye on the news here for that update.

Happy holidays!