I’ve just returned from Sweden and Germany, where I did some installation work on an island near Stockholm, called Ideas Island. This project was an incredible opportunity, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I built a nest, brought in a rare bird, and together we made art come to life. The nest will remain on Ideas Island and I'm hoping to return in the coming years to tidy it up and build another piece there. 

The concept:

The concept was born of my stream of consciousness project, an illustrative design process that conjures itself from my current experience, emotionally, socially, and contemplatively. Over the last 3 years, they were born out some tough realizations that ultimately thrust me forward, ensuring growth and release. Eventually I shared the work, and to my surprise, they had a captive audience. Since I am a tattoo artist as well as a mixed fine artist, I was asked to tattoo these works. I had to figure a way in justifying the process of having others wear my (most often inspired by) emotional pain. The potential recipients would write a short essay about their connection with a particular piece, and I would grant it as a tattoo only once, to a recipient that seemed to redeem the work in its reception, through their translation, thus transforming them into a positive piece. This is the beauty of interpretative works. 
After a few years, the drawings came less, a testament to my personal progress, I feel. 

This leads me to Ideas Island. 

While a book of my stream of consciousness pieces is being published at home, a new concept was born there. To bring some of the themes to life. I brought in a friend from Berlin to model for me, as one of the bird beaked figures I’d drawn, liberated. 
Now I will pursue opportunities that allow me to build and produce a body of work that transcends flesh and paper, and demonstrates a deeper connection to waking life.

Model: Mascha Lagnia
Installation and photo by yours truly. 

More to come on this project!