In case

I woke up today and went straight to social media on my phone while I laid in bed, ignoring the time, or breakfast, and everything else. I perused the election results, pretending to understand what it all means. I spent about 45 minutes or so on social media, but time flies whenever I do. It doesn’t help my mornings, it doesn’t help my brain, mostly ever.
I realized that I miss writing. To date, I’ve burned about a dozen of my journals. Through the years, I’ve written only a handful of pages in a book then set it aside and write in another, accumulating quite a collection of mostly blank books that felt too tainted to revisit. I burned them because it just felt good to release all that thought into the ether, eliminating that lingering useless record.

I thought really? Really am I going to start yet another book of banter? So upon updating this website, I realized it’s not likely anyone ever reaches this section so I may as well drop it all off here. I want to write more often, about anything. I’m feeling a little lost right now and I need to course correct. I’m all over the place and not meeting my goals, nor aiming high enough and I’m bored of the same old excuses i make to avoid the real shit. Here goes…..